I'm Ben Gruber

2013 / 25 January

We All Need A Web Homebase

For many people the combination of facebook and linkedin is a fine home for ‘all things them’ on the web – but for many of us – being beholden to another sites rules of engagement just simply isn’t going to work. I am one those people. I need a place to be myself, stick out from the crowd, and structure my look and feel the way I like it. This website and my company website are my central hubs with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instragram and whole host of other personal brand building social networking sites orbiting around them.  Anyway, on my way to eventually settling on this site as my homebase – I tried out a bunch of different sites that I think can work well for others depending on anyones particular needs and web skills.  Hopefully this can be of use to people.

1. About.me

2. Tumblr (w/ a personal url)

3. Flavors.me

4. Posterous

5. Dooid

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