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2013 / 8 May

Unexpected Business

Kind of Genius Media Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt


I am not one that believes in “signs” or that “the universe” ever tells you anything, but I have no real way to explain a recent string of luck that came my way other than coincidence maybe. Let me explain. I have had my own business site – Kind of Genius – up for a year or so now, but have never really spent time on making money from it because I had a high stress job. I however have been documenting websites I have built, businesses that I have prototyped and events that I have thrown – a business portfolio.


One of the events that I wrote about throwing on my website was a Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt* that took place about a year and half ago. Well, after having the write up on my site for over a year with no interest, I have received multiple requests for the Bar Crawl service within the last 3 weeks. That is crazy considering they came in right as I am leaving my job and looking to do something on my own.


Anyway, I am not one to look good luck in the face and do nothing, so I hopped right on it and expanded the section of my website where this write up is (check it out). I also started an Adwords campaign (more on this to come) and have now done a solid handful of the crawls for a good amount of money (check out a sweet video of one here). I can already tell that this is going to be a solid revenue stream for me in the future. I couldn’t ask for a more fun and great start to self-employment.


*What is a Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt? A group of friends split up into teams that race across a city going from bar to bar solving clues, answering trivia, completing challenges, drinking and having a great time. All the teams have the same last clue which ends everyone at the same bar where the party continues. Click here for more detail >>

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