I'm Ben Gruber

2013 / 20 May

Spoken to Type

I have recently noticed while online chatting (via IM) and text messaging that as a people – we have all continued to use sayings and idioms that were originally formed for the spoken word while communicating the typed word via computers. I personally love the spoken word, but really enjoy the thought of updating the spoken word idioms to its new application. Here are some of the ones I have noticed along with what we could update them to.

“Sounds like a great idea”  -> “Reads like a great idea”
“That’s what she said”  ->  “That’s what she wrote”
“From your lips to God’s ears”  ->  “From your fingertips to God’s eyes”
“After I finish writing this paper” -> “After I finish typing this word document”
“I hear what you are saying”  ->  “I read what you are writing”
“I talked with her last week”  ->  “I typed with her last week”
“In one ear and out the other”  ->  “In one eye and out the other”

If you can think of some more let me know. I want to make up a poster or some sort of art work with the best of them.

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