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2013 / 16 May

Printing Bar Crawl Postcards

In the two or so weeks since I have left work, I have begun to stoke the flame of the Bar Crawl Service that I run. After building out a video example, FAQ section and determining specific pricing based on the crawls I have done already, I turned on an Adwords campaign and things have begun to take off. I have book 10 crawls in just the past two weeks. My hunch is that this business maybe seasonal, so I figure I have a window of a 3-4 months to try and drive more sales this year. Anyway, I am now confident that the service I am providing is worth while and that people actually want it, so my plan is to begin to methodically test different forms of marketing one by one.

My next marketing test is going to be a physical handout approach. I am going to have a couple hundred postcard size flyers printed up (see below) and drop them off at bars through out NYC. As I launch this initiative, I want to be able to track which form of marketing is driving the sales. Prior to the postcards, visitors were either coming to the site through organic search or paid search, so it was easy to know where the conversions were derived from. But now it will become slightly harder, so I bought a vanity URL (www.CrawlingNYC.com) which will immediately redirected to my Postcard landing page on my original bar crawl site.

This approach works well on two levels. One, the URL is a lot easier for people to type in. It is finger full to type (http://kindofgenius.com/bar-scavenger-hunt/). Secondly, this approach allows me to see the traffic coming from this campaign separately in my Google Analytics – as a referral link. This is important, because I will know which marketing is working and where to put more money.

The cards take about 2 weeks to be printed and delivered, so my hope is to get them into circulation at the beginning of June. I find it is always good to have goal, so I am hoping that if I put out 200 flyers, I will get 10 inquiries (about 5% conversion) in return. And then I am hoping that out of the ten that contact me, two will convert to actual crawls (20% of the inquiries). This would  give me a total of 2 crawls booked from 200 Postcards for a conversion rate of 1% overall. This does not seem outrageous to me and even with that low rate, I will have made my money back and then some.

I am excited to get this rolling and will report the results and they come in.








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