I'm Ben Gruber
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Project Overview:

Create a site that authorizes emails and finds email trip itineraries and scrape them for relevant data. Then crunch interesting numbers from the data and create an interactive map.


Development Details:

o The site authorized users’ emails and found travel receipts that were scrapped for details and saved to create a dynamic flight travel map
o Wrote email filtering system to catch correct emails for parsing
o Built an advanced custom error tracking system to collect new raw email data for future parsing since data is was unknown until it was known
o Used a combination of Nokogiri and Regex to reverse engineer emails and scrape them for pertinent data
o Used Redis server and commissioned workers in order to perform server intensive tasks in the background
o Created a custom Google Map using their API to display the users dynamic content.


Development Specs:

Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, SCSS, HAML, Postgresql, Redis