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2013 / 14 May

Humane Produce Society



My mind is constantly spinning with ideas for different businesses. Food products, websites, apps, gadgets, tv show ideas, and the list goes on and on and on. Most of them I will never get to, which is good because it means I am concentrating on the few projects I really love. But sometimes I need to flex my fun and creative muscles and do something that I know will not go anywhere just to give myself practice with coding, design and other skills as well as get a good laugh out of it.

Anyway, walking down the street the other day I noticed an incredible emphasis in restaurants and cafes on organic, local, free-range and other descriptions of this type. I even saw one that said grass-fed milk. I thought to myself, “how can you feed milk?”. Obviously it is the cow that was grass feed, but that made me think of a new cause.

The Humane Produce Society was born. It assures that all fruits and vegetables are grown, picked and served with respect and dignity. Not only is it good for the produce, it is great for marketing. I designed postcards and posters to hand out and created a website (www.HumaneProduce.org) to catch the traffic and to promote the message. Check it out here and below.








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