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2014 / 23 January

Google Chrome’s Latest and Greatest


Google Chrome is now the leading browser in terms of usage (about 40% of desktop usage). This is partially due to the fact that Chrome Books have seriously taken off (10% of computer market) and partially due to how much better of a browser it actually is.

From a developer’s point of view it has all of the things that make it easy to develop a site from it’s console to a plethora of extensions. And from a user’s point of view it is simply faster.

But the real reason it is increasingly better than it’s competitors is the little things it provides. Today I noticed a tiny new feature. This little addition was one that I had subconsciously been wanting for years. The new feature lets you know which tab audio is coming out of by adding a small speaker on the right side of the tab. So simple, but really nice.

Chrome Tabs Audio Icon

I know everyone has more than once looked through their many browser tabs to figure out where a voice was coming from – only to find it was a video ad that was accidentally triggered at the bottom of one of the articles you were reading. Now it is as easy as scanning your tabs to snuff out that annoyance. Again, nothing revolutionary, but isn’t it the little things in life?

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