I'm Ben Gruber

2013 / 7 May

Finding the Right Working Spot

After spending the first week of my self-employment working exclusively from the couch of my 500 square foot apartment out of fear of not finding a good internet connection in the outside world, I decided to venture out and start testing out coffee shops. Yesterday, I visited two great coffee shops around the corner from my apartment only to find out that my fear was not made up but a reality – neither had WiFi. So, I went home all hopped up on coffee and googled around trying to map out where I could go while being certain that I could use the internet. Note: going to Starbucks everyday is not an option for me when there are so many cool coffee places in New York City.


The end result of my Google journey was an app called Work+ from an agency called Tender Creative. The iPhone app has aggregated a ton of the coffee shops in New York City and uses your GPS to show which are nearby you. This is pretty useful in itself, but the real hitter for me is the filters they provide. You guessed it, you can filter to only show places with WiFi among other things that might be important to you including if they serve alcohol or tea, dog friendliness, outlet accessibility, and if there is an outdoor area.


Until I decide if and where I want to join a co-working space, this app is going to be my best work friend.

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