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2014 / 22 September

Boarding Past Transparent Launch Week 2

Week 2: Revised Landing Page & MVP Progress


Boarding Past Landing Page Week 2



After learning from my week 1 data that the majority of traffic reached the Boarding Past landing page from mobile ads, a new mobile landing page was implemented and ad spend was split across desktop and mobile. Based on those changes, I recompiled the data and see what worked, what didn’t and thought up some new ideas on what to try next.


The Results:

Top Line Analytics: This week I spent a total of $50.58 which drove 128 sessions from 107 unique users. I had 5 conversions with 0 unTorch referrals. All traffic and all conversions were from Facebook (more detail below). My conversion rate was 4.7%, down 3 points from my previous week of 7.7% (Ouch!).


Facebook: The ad spend was broken into two categories – Desktop and Mobile. This generated a total of 5 conversions (4 from desktop and 1 from mobile) and cost $50.58 for average CPC of $0.38 and a cost per email of $10.12.


Desktop Vs Mobile

  Item Desktop Mobile
  Spend: $27.37 $23.21
  Clicks: 52 82
  Conversions: 4 1
  Conversion Rate: 7.7% 1.2%
  Cost per Email: $6.84 $23.21


This week I also had extra tracking enabled, so I was able to breakdown the data further. 2 signups were users 18-24 (both male) and 3 were users 45 and older (2 female, 1 male). Interesting!


Twitter: I had a slack week on Twitter and plan on pumping up my interactions this week. I think the disappointment from the 0 traffic made me re-prioritize my time to other areas. It’s too early to count out a powerful network like Twitter though, so I am going to give it another shot. Anyway, I followed exactly 0 people, got 2 new followers, favorited 0 tweets, wrote 3 tweets, 0 of which was about Boarding Past. I wrote directly to 2 users about their tweets and spent roughly 1 hour on the site total. This resulted in 0 BoardingPast page views at this point.


Changes and Next Week Plans

1. Allocate more of the budget to Desktop (better conversion rates)

2. Try another stab at the landing page copy & design (conversion down this week :(. )

3. Be More Active on Twitter (drive free traffic, because emails are costing a ton).

The plan is to allocate more of the budget (75%) to desktop, since it appears to convert better. I am also going to analyze the difference between the mobile landing page the first week and second. Conversion was down and I do not think it had to do with fixing the mobile view. I believe it was the copy – I fell into the trap of emphasizing features when I should be emphasizing benefits. It is tough when you are developing the idea to remove yourself from that process and get into the mind of your customer, who does not care about how you are doing things, but rather what they get from it.


Building the Minimum Viable Product:

In addition to reporting the marketing, landing page, and user sign up progress, I am going to start recording my progress on building the actual project. I will spare the boring code details, but highlight some of the core features that were built, the decisions I made that impact the final product, and also fun little tidbits along the way.

To quickly catch you up to speed, I am building the project on ruby on rails, but relying heavily on Context.io to help handle the email authorizing and data. In these first two weeks I have built the fundamental back bone of the site in order to start running localized testing.





Airline Email Receipts

This was actually step 2 though. Step one is something that I have been working on for the past month or so and that is collecting as many email receipts from as many different Airlines as possible. Since each Airline is entirely separate from each other and since their are no core standards as to how their email receipts are sent, I have had to manually comb through the emails to try and pick up on patterns. Do they send one receipt only? Does it always come from the same email address? Do they always use the same subject line? Does each email look the same? How often do they change their email templates?

In order to figure this out, you need a ton of example emails and frankly my personal travel history is not extensive enough to have create enough data to analyze. So I have been scanning the internet for people who posted their receipts for different reasons as well as having my friends send me theirs. And from that I have begun to determine which of the emails you receive are from an airline and what of those are your receipts.

Once I have the receipts I start to take them apart – mostly through a combination of xpath and regex (for those who are curious). I figure out the patterns in the html and set up rules to collect the departing airport and time, the arriving airport and time, the day of the flights, the total cost, and lots of other fun tidbits. From this information, I will be able to start building the users map. But more on that next time!


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