Hey, I’m Ben and I like to make things. I also love food, technology that makes life easier, and great design. I am an entrepreneur that is rooted in nostalgia but who loves to invent new things. At times I have been known to suffer from both extreme optimism and an overly healthy case of skepticism at the same time. I love to learn new skills and to create new ideas with those new skills. Over my 32 long years on this planet I have developed a unique mix of skills that include marketing, web analytics, web development, circuitry and web/package design which I use to fuel my pursuits. But my true interest resides in understanding people and what makes them tick. This passion helps me develop web/mobile/offline applications that give people new avenues for interaction.



After 6 years of running a Digital Agency full time, I am changing directions. The plan is to invest more time in my own businesses, spend more time with my favorite hobbies, master new skills and to think endlessly about things that don’t really matter.

The Business: Kind of Genius Media is a Holding Company / Agency mashup that specializes in building unique products and services that aim to make life easier, more enjoyable and productive for the people that they reach.

Hobbies & ThoughtsIn addition to running Kind of Genius, I will be exploring my hobbies in a more series capacity. The output of those activities along with a running accountant of what it is like to go from a full time employee to a successful business owner can be found on my blog here. You are also likely to see a splattering of posts with helpful tidbits, random philosophical thoughts and good humored potty jokes.


The Past Present:

I still act as the president of ClearMetrics, and as a strategic manager at ISL Consulting,  a one-two combo of marketing prowess and deep web development. In addition, I am also the managing director of DB Capital Holdings, a private investment firm that develops and acquires web properties.


What Once Was:

In a past life, I served as president at Life Stage Media, where I managed a global development team and steered the company’s operations and online marketing. Our portfolio included a set of social content sites aimed at users in discrete life stages, such as dating, marriage, death and parenthood.

I also developed and executed a long-term strategy for the development of Life Stage’s sites that culminated in their purchase by national brands.