I'm Ben Gruber

2013 / 15 May

A New Daily Habit/Vice

I have long since subscribed to the idea of doing a simple single task every day without exception and having the sum eventually becoming greater than the parts. Allowing yourself to gain knowledgable or become good at something over time without giving significant effort at any given moment. Among other daily tasks, I stroke the creative side of my mind with a Ted Talk each and everyday. For those of you who do not know, Ted talks are basically 5-20 min video talks from experts in different walks of life. The talks are typically thought provoking and are able to be understood by lamen in any field. Great stuff!

I have recently stumbled upon a new daily habit – a new mind crack – that I enjoy even more than Ted. What is this new addiction? Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a website with 5-10 minute teaching episodes that teach you something new in a really simple manor using both lectures and drawings. Topics range from “How Banks Work” to advanced mathematics. Many topics start at the simple and work their way up to the complex. You can spend a month watching 5 minute episodes on Quantum Physics every day for a month and come away with a pretty decent understanding of the topic.

For me this type of knowledge is more fulfilling than the Ted talks. Even though I love the mind provocation of Ted, the pure knowledge base you gain from Khan Academy is unmatched. This is why I am trading out Khan for Ted on my daily routine. Although I plan to sprinkle a good dose of Ted along the way.

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